23 May 2016

"Say 'No' to Europe and buy more tripe" says TMB chairman

The interests of Britain's tripe producers would be best served by leaving  the EU, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told a meeting of the Chorley Ladies' Guild earlier today.

Sir Norman, who admitted he had changed his mind only recently, said that projections by the Treasury of a year-long recession if Britain left the EU had convinced him that BREXIT was the way ahead.
"We have long recognised that sales of tripe increase during times of recession - indeed, the 1930s were some of our finest years," he said. 

He summarised the advantages for tripe if Britain quit the EU as:
  • The ease with which the TMB could organise fact-finding visits to non-EU countries without unnecessary red tape
  • Tripe consumption could rise
  • Tripe prices were likely to continue falling
  • It would be easier for youngsters to get jobs in tripe processing companies in the UK
Sir Norman said he fully understood why some tripe consumers might be hesitant to leave the EU, but he appealed to them to continue buying tripe even if they were voting to stay.

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