20 June 2016

"Help me decide!" pleads TMB chairman

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today called on tripe lovers across the land to help him make up his mind about the EU Referendum.

Speaking at a hastily-convened press conference in Chorley this afternoon, Sir Norman said he was "genuinely undecided," and would be guided by the views of tripe consumers as to how to cast his vote in Thursday's poll.

He said the arguments for Britain staying in or leaving the EU were finely balanced, with the impact on tripe sales not being as clear cut as he had previously thought.

Sir Norman Wrassle
"In the end, I'm prepared to be guided by those who might have looked into things more than I have," he said.

Tripe lovers are asked to express their preference by using the hashtags #RemainTripe or #LeaveTripe in social media postings. 

Sir Norman said he would be bound by the result, but added: "Obviously, whatever the outcome, I hope people will also buy more tripe."

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