22 July 2016

TMB Meetings Suspended

All meetings of the Tripe Marketing Board have been suspended until after the September 2016 elections for board chairman.

TMB Chairman Sir Norman said it was a precautionary measure agreed in the light of anti-tripe abuse and bullying in the social media.  "In practical terms, this won't impact too much as we've only held three board meetings since 2007, and two of these were inquorate," he said.

Figures released by #SavingTripe campaign co-ordinator Unity Smitford suggest that as many as two dozen people enquired about joining Tripe Club in the last week, which means that membership could potentially be doubled overnight.  "We're already Europe's favourite meat-based marketing board on Twitter.  Tripe Club will allow us to reconnect with our core consumers and become a mass movement once again," Sir Norman predicted.

"Tripe Club membership costs just £9.99 and is much cheaper than some other ways of influencing political policy," Ms Smitford said.

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