22 December 2016

Enjoy tripe responsibly this Christmas season

As Christmas approaches, the Tripe Marketing Board has appealed to tripe consumers across the country to act maturely over the holiday season.

Industry analysts suggest that more tripe will be consumed this Christmas than at any time since 1974 and TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said purchasers should act in a responsible and dignified manner.

"We know this has been a difficult year for many people and that some will have been drawn to try tripe in an attempt to economise.  Just because it's cheap, people shouldn't go mad," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman was speaking prior to commencing a three week fact-finding tour of the West Indies.  He pointed out that tripe is now available from more and more retailers, adding "Whether you live in Birkenhead or Blackpool, our advice is to enjoy tripe responsibly."

The TMB's offices are closed over the Christmas period, but a dedicated 24 hour Tripe Hotline will be set up to deal with customer queries.  The board's Twitter feed, @TripeUK, will be delivered by a combination of automated tweets and an outsourcing agency in Wrexham.


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