26 December 2016

More tripe on TV this Christmas than ever before!

UK TV viewers are being treated to more tripe over the Christmas season than at any time since records began, according to figures released by the Tripe Marketing Board's media monitoring unit.

'Peak tripe' was reached on Christmas Day evening, when Channel 4's Travel Man show featured Hollywood actor Rebel Wilson and host Richard Ayoade for a fun-packed whizz round Florence in a mini-break mixing art, action, gelato, a drive in a classic Alfa Romeo, and some tripe, while BBC 2's Victorian Bakers revealed how tripe was a principal ingredient in Victorian mince pies.

Victorian Bakers - BBC 2, 25 December 2016
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was delighted that tripe had featured so prominently in TV schedules over Christmas, describing it as "A dream come true!"

Speaking from the Caribbean island of Martinique, where he is engaged in top-level talks to promote tripe, Sir Norman said: "Getting our product placed so effectively at Christmas caps off the year nicely.  We'll be working hard to ensure this continues into 2017."

The TMB's Head of Media Monitoring Emily French said Christmas was always a busy time for the unit. "You'd be surprised how often the word 'tripe' and 'TV' crop up together over the Christmas period.  Mentions of tripe in the social media tend to peak whenever the Michael Mcintyre show is aired - so much so that we've had to reassure our Twitter followers that we did not sponsor this year's Christmas special".

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