19 December 2016

Rhubarb alliance could bring a "new dawn for tripe"

Talks between the Tripe Marketing Board and the Yorkshire Rhubarb Council could be an important stepping-stone to a tripe renaissance, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told an audience of food industry executives at the weekend.

Tirimasu - "ahead of the curve"
Although he stressed that discussions were at an early stage, he said he was excited at the prospect of  working with the YRC to develop new product lines.  He pointed to the recent launch of a banana and bacon trifle by food retailer Waitrose as the direction of travel for food in the future. "Whether the consumer likes it or not, they will have to get used to unusual combinations such as raspberries and liver or even kidney and pomegranate as we chart new territory in the quest to sate the jaded palates of the food-buying public," Sir Norman said.

"This could be a new dawn for tripe.  We were actually ahead of the curve with our Tirimasu product earlier this year, but the whole 'fruit and meat combination' concept represents the perfect opportunity to promote tripe," he added.

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