16 December 2016

"Tripe on the Moon" by end of decade, pledges TMB chairman

The Tripe Marketing Board has pledged to use all of its available resources towards an historic attempt to land a piece of tripe on the Moon by 2020.

The move follows the announcement that a pie launched yesterday had achieved space orbit and had safely returned to earth earlier today.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said that the pie industry had "thrown down the gauntlet" and that tripe would respond in kind.  Speaking at the annual Christmas lunch of the Chorley & District Women's Circle, Sir Norman talked of the "eternal battle in Wigan between tripe and pies" and said it was not a war tripe was prepared to lose.

An extract from Sir Norman's speech is available here, and details will be released shortly of a Crowdfunder campaign to raise the resources for what Sir Norman called "the most ambitious plans yet released" for tripe to reach the Moon. The move follows a TMB Christmas advertising campaign to persuade the people of Wigan to drop their pies and return to the tripe which is their town's historic legacy.

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