24 October 2017

TMB chairman apologises after World Tripe Day 2017 leads to product shortage

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has apologised after the inadvertant success of World Tripe Day 2017 led to shortages of tripe in large parts of the UK on Wednesday.

Promoted as the one day of the year when people who love tripe could celebrate without fear of ridicule, the hashtag #WorldTripeDay trended on Twitter for over 9 hours on 24 October, as the interest of social media users across the globe was piqued.

From Accrington to Addis Ababa, from Rotherham to Rome and from Wigan to Warsaw, World Tripe Day struck a chord that resonated at the counters of tripe suppliers all around the world. The day received widespread coverage on the mainstream media, including Newsweek, the BBC and the Daily Express and was even mentioned on the popular BBC Radio 2 show, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, hosted by former DJ Steve Wright.

Sir Norman himself was interviewed by BBC Radio Wales, interrupting a busy schedule of activities in Rome where celebrations were at their peak. 

Speaking on his return to the UK this morning, he issued an apology for the difficulties many regular tripe eaters faced when they attempted to buy tripe yesterday. "Our initial aim was for the #WorldTripeDay hashtag to trend in Yorkshire, Humberside and Parts of North Derbyshire, to coincide with the imminent launch of a new book from TMB Books.  No one was more surprised than me that it escaped these areas and became a big hit across the whole of the UK - tripe hasn't trended since 1953," Sir Norman said, adding "I'm naturally sorry if people were left without tripe because of the increased demand."

Sir Norman, who is currently at a meat processing event in Leeds, will return to the north west tomorrow when he will judge the Top 5 Tweets whose authors are destined to win a coveted TMB pen.  Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, two celebratory lifetime memberships of Tripe Club will also be awarded - the first time in the Club's history.

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