27 November 2017

A New Dawn For Tripe - Hello, Yorkshire!

The Tripe Marketing Board is delighted to announce that its new offices in Barnsley have been formally opened this morning.

Barnsley - a new home for tripe
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Monday 27 November 2017 marks a new stage in the resurgence of interest in tripe that has intrigued the nation ever since the launch of World Tripe Day in 2013.  Now, from our base in West Yorkshire, we can develop new markets for tripe."

Sir Norman, who was unable to be present for the official opening due to a prior engagement with the TMB's accountants, said he was looking forward to the post-Brexit challenges of marketing tripe. 

"Our long-standing commitment to Yorkshire, which has often been described as the Capital County of Tripe, dates back over many decades. Here, we'll be facing the continent head-on - in fact, it's just to the right of us now - ready to take tripe to our European neighbours," he said, adding "We may be going through a divorce, but that doesn't mean we won't talking!" 

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