22 November 2017

New Face at the Tripe Marketing Board

The Tripe Marketing Board is pleased to announce the appointment of a new board member.

Michael Hargreave Mawson, who was born in the North Riding of Yorkshire, brings to the board a wide experience of marketing in many other areas of economic activity which are unpopular with the general public, including the nuclear industry, the defence industry, the tobacco industry, and, of course, biological research and development.  

Michael Hargreave Mawson
More recently, he has devoted his considerable talents to history, particularly that of the Victorian era, which led to a passionate interest in tripe.  As a vegetarian for over thirty years, Mr Hargreave Mawson freely admits that he has never tasted tripe.  Speaking after his appointment, he said: “You don't have to be drunk to flog Scotch, and, in fact, I am told it can often be a hindrance. It's the same with tripe.” 

In filling the role of Director of Customer Experience and Global Head of Aftersales, Mr Hargreave Mawson is responsible for ensuring that each and every one of our customers is completely delighted with our product. 

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was delighted to welcome Mr Hargreave Mawson to the board, adding:  "Michael is just the sort of fresh, young face we need to stir up our work - I'm looking forward to seeing the contribution he will make to the work of the TMB in the months and years ahead."

Board members are hand-selected for their skills, knowledge and family connections, as well as for their love of tripe.

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  1. I notice Mr Hargreave Mawson's age was not mentioned in Sir Norman's welcome - just that he had a fresh young face. I think we should be told. If Hargreave is not his given name, should there be a hyphen between that and 'Mawson' and if his surname is hyphenated - is this the sort of person the TMB should be welcoming? I notice he claims to be from Yorkshire. Has this been verified or is his inclusion on the board, part of the TMB's unrelenting drift away from Lancashire - the boards natural home.