25 November 2017

TMB Chairman issues clarification after radio interview

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has today clarified remarks made by BBC Cumbria presenter Gordon Swindlehurst following an interview with Sir Norman on his 20 November lunchtime show.

Sir Norman
In a wide-ranging chat, Sir Norman discussed World Tripe Day, the publication by TMB Books of Forgotten Yorkshire and Parts of North Derbyshire and Humberside and his favourite recipe for cooking tripe, which he had been served whilst visiting Rome for the 2017 World Tripe Day celebrations.

After Sir Norman had left the studio, Mr Swindlehurst made reference on air to "something Sir Norman had picked up in the back streets of Rome".

Speaking earlier today, Sir Norman said: "Unfortunately, my wife did not hear my interview as she was having her hair done at Simons Hair Shop in Carlisle when it was broadcast, but she did hear Gordon's subsequent comments, which made for rather a frosty journey back to Lytham.  I am happy to make it clear that these comments referred to a recipe, and not to either a sexually transmitted disease or a prostitute."

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  1. And, for my part, I would like, wholeheartedly, to apologise to Lady Wrassle, for any misunderstanding my innocent remark may have engendered. It referred, wholly, to Sir Norman's relentless commitment to world tripe and international offal.I can, also, vouch for the abilities and capabilities of Simon's hairdressers and companion body-piercing boutique. My apologies, again, for any nebulousness on my part. Gordon