23 November 2017

'Tripe Friday' set to break all records

Tripe retailers across the country have been preparing for their first ever 'Tripe Friday' tomorrow - the annual day of the year when most tripe is sold.

First initiated by the Tripe Marketing Board in 1979 as 'Tripe Thursday', the idea was quickly dropped when it failed to stimulate sales.  However, the success for many retailers of 'Black Friday' later convinced the TMB that the time was ripe to re-launch the initiative and 'Tripe Tuesday' was born.  After two years of mediocre results, the board has agreed to link the marketing push with other retailers, starting tomorrow.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said that Tripe Friday was just what the industry needed in the run-up to Christmas.  Speaking at a media conference at Leeds earlier today, Sir Norman said: "We've taken the precaution of asking tripe retailers to stock up to avoid disappointed customers - these prices can't last forever!" 

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