30 March 2018

TMB apologises after intern tweeted 'wrong image'.

The Tripe Marketing Board has apologised after tweeting an image which was interpreted by a number of people as suggesting that UK Prime Minister Theresa May had been chosen as a 'poster girl' by the TMB.

The error occured after an intern covering the
Mistaken cow image
TMB's Twitter account over the Bank Holiday weekend mistook an instruction to post an image of a cow which had appeared next to the PM on her recent pre-election photo opportunity tour of the UK.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was deeply sorry for any confusion his instruction had caused, saying "I spotted a particularly attractive cow during the TV coverage of Mrs May's visit to Northern Ireland on Thursday and said it would make the perfect poster girl for tripe, but it appears as though my comments were misinterpreted."

Sir Norman said that efforts were being made to contact the farmer in the hope that the cow could be signed up for promotional events for tripe, adding "In the meantime, I would like to apologise for any distress that might have been caused to either Mrs May or to the cow."

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