1 March 2018

TMB denies product placement allegations

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today moved to deny suggestions that the TMB has received secret payments from the Italian Federation of Tomato Processors (FIPP) in return for promoting tripe recipes that include copious amounts of tomatoes or tomato-based products.

Trippa alla Romana
The allegation, which came via an editorial in the March issue of Offal Monthly, was based on what the magazine termed 'detailed analysis of the TMB's Twitter feed over the last four months'.

Speaking earlier today from his Lytham home, Sir Norman described the assertion as baseless, adding "It's true that we may have mentioned Trippa alla Romana once or twice - and that this is a dish that requires plenty of tomatoes to make it a success - but we have certainly never said they should be Italian tomatoes."

Sir Norman went on to say that the dish had become a personal favourite after he sampled it in a backstreet restaurant in Rome whilst attending World Tripe Day celebrations in the city in 2017, but he denied that he had ever knowingly received clandestine payments from FIPP. "The idea that the Tripe Marketing Board is somehow in the pocket of 'Big Tomato' is just ridiculous," he said, adding that he would be cancelling his subscription to Offal Monthly with immediate effect and that he would be recommending that tripe lovers across the UK do the same.

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