24 April 2018

Chairman apologises for 'hostile' approach to tripe haters

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has apologised for a 2013 TMB promotional campaign which appeared to suggest that visitors to Lancashire should leave if they refused to try tripe.
'Eat tripe or go home' Van

The controversial campaign, which Sir Norman did not personally sign off, was designed to highlight the number of people who visited the county without trying the local delicacy.

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Sir Norman defended the campaign, saying he might have handled it differently if anybody had complained at the time.

"I did not actually see these vans myself, but I understand that they caused distress to at least two people who were visiting Preston on a day trip," Sir Norman said.

He told reporters from the Wigan Daily Mail that he had personally drafted an apology to the couple, but denied that the TMB had fostered a hostile approach to those who refused to eat tripe. "This whole thing has been blown up out of all proportion. We weren't exactly pushing tripe down people's throats. We were just gently reminding them that tripe is here and that it means business," he said, adding "besides, it's not as if we were forcibly repatriating people after destroying all the evidence that they had a right to be here, as the Government has recently done".


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