24 June 2018

TMB denies product placement allegations

Dr Sue Black

Martina Cole

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has denied suggestions that the TMB has been engaged in a surreptitious campaign to ensure that tripe is mentioned positively in the UK media.

The allegations came after listeners took to social media to note that two recent 'castaways' on the flagship BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs had both spoken of their love of tripe. On 20 May, computer scientist Dr Sue Black related her childhood memories of tripe, whilst on 24 June celebrated bestselling author Martina Cole also professed her enjoyment.

"I think we are finally reaching a point in society where people no longer have to feel ashamed of speaking about their love of tripe," Sir Norman said, adding "I can assure you that none of this has involved us making underhand payments or bribes, whether to the individuals who have made the comments or to programme producers at the BBC."

Sir Norman said he hoped more celebrities would feel emboldened to speak out. "In the run-up to World Tripe Day 2018 in October, I am sure we'll see more coming forward and celebrating their love of tripe," he said.

10 June 2018

'Salad Tripe' launches

This week sees the launch of the Tripe Marketing Board's  'Salad Tripe' campaign, designed to reinforce the message that tripe is the ideal food to cool the palate when temperatures soar.

Salad Tripe
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Now that Heinz have finally relinquished the term 'salad' to describe their imitation mayonnaise, we thought we could safely use it to promote tripe as a suitable product for the summer."

'Salad Tripe' will be available from all usual retailers, together with handy recipe cards for Salad Tripe and Tomatoes, Salad Tripe and Lettuce and Salad Tripe and Raddish.  A high profile poster campaign on the back of buses in the north west of England will launch the campaign on Tuesday.

"Once people realise it's as simple as popping a bit of raw tripe on a plate and adding a few slices of tomato, we think they'll take to it in droves," Sir Norman said, adding "particularly when they realise they won't even have to switch their microwave on."

8 June 2018

High Street closures are "Tripe's big chance" says chairman

The recent spate of high street closure announcements - including Marks & Spencer, Poundworld and House of Fraser - offers the tripe industry its best ever opportunity of expanding sales, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told a meeting of offal processors, yesterday.

Tripe could soon be available in more and more places.
"What we need now is people with vision and entrepreneurial flair to step up to the plate.  Some of these vacant premises will be ideal for selling tripe or hosting pop-up tripe restaurants, cafe's and stalls," Sir Norman said.

He said that it was not many decades since Greater Manchester boasted a string of bespoke tripe restaurants and that, as the full impact of Brexit started to bite, he could see those days returning.

Sir Norman said tripe shops could also stock the TMB's wide range of memorabilia and books, such as Forgotten Yorkshire, Forgotten Lancashire and A Brief History of Tripe, making them easily available to people who don't like Amazon.

"There's no doubt in my mind that tripe is on the cusp of a great renaissance. We originally scheduled 2018 as the Year of Tripe. Although we may have underestimated the government's ability to conclude Brexit negotiations speedily, there's still a chance - if not this year, then next year," he said.

7 June 2018

"A sad day for British tripe" says TMB chairman as Paul Dacre steps down from Daily Mail

Top tripe in the Daily Mail
Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has paid tribute to Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre, who is stepping down after more than a quarter of a century in the role.

"Paul is, quite simply, the greatest Fleet Street promoter of tripe of his generation," he said, describing his move as a sad day for British tripe.

Under Mr Dacre's editorship the Daily Mail has taken a staunchly pro-tripe line. "We could always rely on Paul to dish up tripe in the Mail," Sir Norman said, adding "I hope his successor is equally positive towards our product".