25 September 2018

Chairman denies sending letter to Dan Hodges

The chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board Sir Norman Wrassle has issued the following statement in connection with a draft letter which has been circulating in the social media:

Sir Norman Wrassle
"On Monday 24 September 2018 I was presented with a draft letter to send to Mr Dan Hodges of the Daily Mail. This followed discussions within our marketing team about how minor celebrities might be recruited to help the TMB promote tripe, perhaps by agreeing to become the Face of Tripe and to help us celebrate World Tripe Day on 24 October.

"It is important to recognise that I got as far as reading the words 'Mr DPJ Hodges' and 'Daily Mail' and read no further. This is because the TMB has a long-held policy of not advertising our product in that newspaper as we have learned that its readers are unable to distinguish between tripe and its editorial content.

"Nevertheless, the letter was somehow 'leaked' and has now been retweeted many times on Twitter. I would therefore like to apologise to tripe lovers across the country and reassure them that there are no serious attempts to associate Mr Hodges with our fine product."

Sir Norman has confirmed that an investigation has been opened to discover the source of the leak. The letter is reproduced below. If anyone has any information as to how it came to be made public, they should contact the TMB immediately.

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