10 October 2018

Chairman denies Vegan Week prompted tripe books price cuts

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has today strenuously denied that a decision by TMB Books to slash the price of its publications was prompted by the growing popularity of Veganism and the decision by BBC TV's Great British Bake Off to host a 'Vegan Week'.

The allegation was made by radio presenter Gary Bradlow during a heated interview with Sir Norman on the popular Radio Lancashire drive-time show, Gassing with Gaz.

TMB Books had reduced the price of all its books on Amazon earlier today.  Forgotten Lancashire and Forgotten Yorkshire can both now be purchased for just £5.99 each, while The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock is £6.99 and A Brief History of Tripe can be picked up for just £4.99, representing a combined saving of £13 on the total price for all publications. 

Sir Norman said that commercial decisions of TMB Books were not within his purview, but it was "entirely untrue" that Great British Bake Off's Vegan Week had influenced the price cut in any way. "I imagine it's more of a response to continued austerity and to help people celebrate the forthcoming World Tripe Day - that, and the fact that nobody has been buying them," he said.

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