10 January 2019

Chairman rails against LGBTQ

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has condemned organisers of an LGBTQ parade due to take place in Lancashire this weekend, accusing them of politicising what is a "centuries old tradition."

Sir Norman Wrassle
His comments came after he was not invited to this year's Tripe Dresser's Sunday, making it  the first time in living memory that the TMB would not be represented at the event.  

Traditionally, this is the day when tripe dressers unveil their new aprons and parade proudly through the streets of local Lancashire villages, scattering shreds of their old aprons which are then devoured by stray dogs and small children.

The editorial panel of the Longridge and Goosnargh Butchers' Tripe Quarterly (LGBTQ) magazine has denied that the omission was linked to the TMB’s controversial move to its new Headquarters in Barnsley, but Sir Norman said "It is hard to escape this conclusion, as I have heard reports that a flat-bed truck has been seen carrying my ceremonial chair festooned with banners reading ‘Vacancy’."

Sir Norman has demanded a meeting with the LBGTQ to "sort this matter out in the old fashioned way”.

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