20 January 2019

TMB chairman denies encouraging 'panic buying' of tripe.

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has today denied suggestions that the TMB is stoking up demand for tripe by encouraging consumers to 'panic buy' in the run-up to Brexit on 30 March.

The denial came during a live debate on Yorkshire Radio's flagship Sunday morning politics show Mardy after John Barr-Coad, Visiting Professor of Retail Psychology at the University of Wakefield, had accused the TMB of frightening consumers into buying tripe.

Professor Barr-Coad said that a TMB video released via social media and which purported to instruct potential purchasers to 'relax' actually used reverse psychology in an attempt to encourage them to panic.  "Before this video was issued, I doubt anyone was seriously wondering about a shortage of tripe after Brexit," he said.

Sir Norman described the claim as "ridiculous", adding: "We simply want to assure customers that there are enough stocks of tripe to cope with demand - and, in our judgement, there always will be."  He said that simply using the word 'relax' once or twice could not be grounds for claiming that the TMB was trying to scare people.

During questions, Sir Norman admitted there had been something of an 'uptick' in sales since the video was released last week, but claimed this was due to people tiring of a diet of pulses and tofu during the first two weeks of 'Veganuary'. 

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